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The democratization of the financial markets is underway. Millionaire traders can, and have, emerged from a laptop sitting at the kitchen table.

We’re a community of professional and aspiring traders from diverse backgrounds that manage risk, expectations, and our egos in the constant pursuit of peak performance and extraordinary profit.

Our What, When, and How


We trade futures (indices & energy), stocks (mostly large cap), and equity options with occasional forays into currencies, binary options, and even Bitcoin.

Multi-Time Frame

We trade futures actively for daily income, swing trade weekly options, and build core, wealth building positions in stocks based on macro-themes.


We trade both rules based discretionary and fully automated systems, constantly enhancing and testing new methods for changing market conditions.

Recent Trades From The Options Desk

Yep, we never lose. Ha! Of course not, but this is the attention grabbing home page. For the good, bad, and ugly, visit the performance page. 


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Totally Solicited Words of Praise

Todd and Rod are both highly skilled traders that provide multiple trading ideas, trading strategies and high quality trading education on a daily basis. You can easily find 5 to 10 great trade setups per week and plenty more if you are a high frequency trader. The first option trade I did with them more than paid for my monthly service. I highly recommend these fine folks. Cha-Ching!

Todd T.,
San Diego

Todd and Rod have changed the way I trade - their knowledge and experience has opened my eyes!!! Thanks guys for helping me be more successful. Long Live VPT !!!

David R.,
San Francisco

Did that AAPL trade with you on IB paper acct and realized $3000 profit. Understanding things a bit more now by doing - options always seemed so daunting , I wasn't even doing paper trades til this VPT course so thanks!

Danielle K.,

Trading is a solitary endeavor. Your losses or profits are a direct reflection of yourself. Voices of Authority for support and training are a welcome addition to my trading. Through VPT Live, Rod and Todd provide a sound outlook for the market day and new ideas to expand my portfolio and challenge my skills. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Rod, Todd and Virtual Prop Trader.

Andy G.,

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